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Thats a great looking rifle! What barrel blank did you use to stub it with? Is that a 10 ga barrel that you inserted the blank into? I dont really understand the stubbing process that well. I have a 357 mag barrel i had cut to 16.25" and reamed and put a buffalo classic stock set on. It's short like that. Great round.

What bullet weight for varmints? 125?

Joe S.

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Barrel blank is a Green Mountain...

The barrel stub is from an SB-2 rifle barrel...

I would opt for bullet weights from 125-140 grains for varmints, but that would also depend on the varmint and the intended distances I planned on shooting....

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Thanks for the reply. This is such a versatile caliber. I've been well pleased with my shorty Max ever since i first pulled the trigger on it. I like it almost as much as my Classic Carbine.

Thanks! Joe S.
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