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Got up in the stand this morning at 6:45. Had a big bodied spike buck with 2" anterlers at about 65yds come in at 8. I pulled the 357 max up to my shoulder cocked the hammer and let a 180 gr JHP bullet smash through the heart and lungs of the buck. He was large around 180 on the hoof. He ran about 60 yds and crashed. About half hour later had 6 more deer come up on me at 40yds in through some thick honeysuckle. I picked the one that offered me the best shot that was broadside, put my crosshairs on its shoulder and squeezed the trigger. This deer was DRT. Was using a speer 180gr hotcor with 22gr H-110 with Remington 7 1/2 BR primers. Smashed through both shoulders totally broke the shoulder facing me . The 357 max is a mean round and puts the HAMMER on deer. If anyone is thinking about getting one, I definitely recommend the max. Great round and recoil with a max load is like shooting a 410 shotgun.




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Thanks for the report and pictures remingtonman...

Congratulations on your deer!

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