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Bullberry is retiring:


We offer our thoughts and prayers to Fred and his wife Jean on their new life of retirement, and hope they get to enjoy it for many years to come...


On October 23rd. Pac-Nor Barrels burned to the ground! You can do on-line searches to read about this, and this little excert is from their site:


We also offer our thoughts and prayers to Chris and Kathy Dichter, and look forward to the rebuilding of their barrel making business...


I have shot Bullberry barrels starting back in the late 80's, and got to work on several projects with Fred early on, and helped in the design and development of a couple of different cartridges. I also very much like his simple design of single shot rifles, as well as some of the beautiful wood work he turned out...

Back when I made custom barrels, Chris from Pac-Nor is the one who made all of my carbide pull reamers that I used in rifling my barrels. His work was second to none, and he was always a great guy to work with. When I decided to no longer make barrels, and decided I would rather spend my time in building high accuracy long-range rifles and hunting handguns, I used a lot of the Pac-Nor barrels in my builds, and was never dissapointed...

Friends, families and workers, God Bless you all, and I pray that God gives you direction and guidance in all that you do! Give HIM the Honor, Praise and Glory, for without HIM, we will fall flat on our face and fail misearably. Just remember, that with God, All Things Are Possible!

David and Brenda White 

By HIS stripes, we are healed...

God Bless  <")))><

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